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22 SINOTRUK T7H Delivered to Qiaoyun Logistics

Date:2017-01-06 Source:www.chinatrucks.com

www.chinatrucks.com: Recently, 22 SINOTRUK T7H trailers were delivered to Zunyi Qiaoyun Logistics successfully.

In last October, Zunyi Qiaoyun Logistics invited bids of 22 trailers to the public. The company is responsible for the transportation business of fly ash and bulk cement between Mati Town and Jinsha, Zunyi and Guiyang. SINOTRUK has won the good reputation for its advanced technology and efficient fuel-saving in Guizhou Province, after fierce competition, SINOTRUK finally won the bid, the model is T7H/6 * 2 front dual steering tractor of optimized version.
Not long ago, SINOTRUK sales service personnel came to the fly ash processing base in Mati Town to inspect the work site and operation route on the spot. They also made technical skill training of the trailer chassis, tank and retarder for more than 40 drivers and the fleet boss.
In the truck delivery ceremony, marketing service personnel made a focus explanation according to the actual traffic routes to dispel the drivers’ doubts about the middle axle slip during the driving. Voith service person in charge and up-assembly plant service manager introduced the attention of the retarder, up-assembly and maintenance, and also answered the questions that drivers asked.

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