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Sub-Saharan Africa Accounted for 55% of SINOTRUK Export

Date:2017-01-09 Source:www.chinatrucks.com

www.chinatrucks.com: According to National Customs statistics, in the“First Half of 2016 China 's General Trade Export Enterprises Hundred List, SINOTRUK Import & Export Co., Ltd. ranked No. 49, ranked first in the automotive industry vehicle exports, and for 12 consecutive years ranked first in China's heavy truck industry, of which exports to sub-Saharan Africa accounted for 55% of SINOTRUK export. In the first 10 months of 2016, SINOTRUK exported 20,688 units of heavy trucks, accounted for 40.3% of the industry exports. The reason why so many SINOTRUK exported to Africa is that SINOTRUK products can meet the overseas demands from individualized fire engines, refrigerated trucks to ordinary tractor, transporter, and delivery in time.

 Sub-Saharan Africa Export Accounted for 55% of SINOTRUK Export
Now, SINOTRUK is stepping up to produce 200 trucks for a LNG company in Nigeria, the first 50 vehicles will be shipped on January 15, 2017.
A multinational transport vehicle order from Mali, due to traffic through the desert, SINOTRUK has increased diesel engine oil bath air filter and second diesel particulate filter system. Customer orders increased from 200 units in 2015 to 400 units in 2016.
Li Na, Director of Africa Office of SINOTRUK Import and Export Co., Ltd. Introduced that, a lot of infrastructure projects in Ethiopia made a lot of dumpers’ demands, Dar es Salaam Port and other ports in Tanzania have a lot of trailers’ demands. In the African market, SINOTRUK not only produced refrigerated truck for the UN but also produced fire engine for Uganda. SINOTRUK Africa Department refers to sub Saharan Africa, North Africa is involved in other departments. Only sub Saharan Africa accounted for 55% of the total export quotas, more than 10 thousand vehicles a year.
“Most of the African market requires for high performance, high reliability, low-end European II products.” SINOTRUK Import & Export Company relevant person in charge told the reporter from Qilu Evening News. SINOTRUK emission standards cover from European II to European V, commercial vehicles from heavy truck, medium truck, light truck, buses to special vehicles of over 4000 truck models.
For the timely delivery of orders, SINOTRUK also constructed KD assembly plant in the overseas. “In 2004, the construction of KD assembly plant in Nigeria is the earliest KD plant in sub Saharan. After that, SINOTRUK constructed KD plants in Ethiopia and other places to produce tractor, dumper, sprinkler, swept-body refuse collector and other types of vehicles. “Li Na told the reporter, the biggest advantage for setting up KD plant in the foreign country is the reduction in tariffs in overseas, compared with other import and export vehicle dealers, SINOTRUK overseas dealers reduce the cost, enhance market competitiveness, promote sales and drive the local employment.
In addition, SINOTRUK also signed a joint venture agreement with Nigeria Dangote Group, the both sides joint invested to construct vehicle production factory in Nigeria. The plant is expected to start production next year to become the important base that SINOTRUK keep a foothold in Nigeria and radiate in West African market.

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