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JAC Heavy Trucks Climbs 44% in December

Date:2017-01-09 Source:www.chinatrucks.com

www.chinatrucks.com: On January 5, JAC released production and sales report of December. On trucks, JAC delivered 13043 units of light trucks, 714 units of medium trucks and 2763 units of heavy trucks, respectively up by 32.48% , 10.36% and 41.98% year on year. From Jan to Dec, JAC totally delivered light trucks of 192221 units, up by 16.4% year on year, delivered medium trucks of 12283 units, up by 29.15%, delivered heavy trucks of 43091 units, up by 43.95% year on year.

JAC Heavy Trucks Climbs 44% in December
On MCV, JAC SUNRAY light bus was delivered 254 units, up by 1.6% year on year; and its sales amount of 2016 is 3042 units, down by 47.19% year on year.

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