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Foton Cummins ISF4.5L V5 Engine Launched in Shenzhen

Date:2017-03-01 Source:www.chinatrucks.com

www.chinatrucks.com: On 27 Feburary, 2017, the launching ceremony of Aumark S5 Medium-sized truck was held in Shenzhen, China. At the launch event, Foton also introduces its V5 engine, ISF4.5L engine, together with S3 medium supertruck. 

Foton Cummins ISF4.5L V5 Engine Launched in Shenzhen
As it is reported, Foton ISF4.5L engine, as a medium-size engine of high quality, has been developed and linked up some achievements made by America, Britain and China with customer s’ demand. The engine with Euro 6 emission standard has reached a sale of 20 thousand units and received recognition from customers after adopted by DAF truck and Europe medium buses.  
The completely new designed Cummins ISF 4.5L four-cylinder diesel engine has been developed from F series and operated on a B series platform. Foton Cummins ISF 4.5L engine with V5 emission standard delivers a maximum power of 210 horsepower and a maximum torque of 760N.m, defeating similar products taking advantages of super pressure and power. The actual test results show that Cummins engine runs smoothly and quickly when getting start, and delivers large amounts of torque while going up a hill, which completely meets urban demand for logistics transportation. 

Foton Cummins ISF4.5L V5 Engine Launched in Shenzhen
“Speaking of reliability, Cummins ISF4.5L platform will make a new record compared to ISF 3.8 which has operated millions of kilometers without fail“ personnel on the spot said. Foton Cummins has been complying with standards for International quality management system and manufacturing. The 2-million endurance test for Cummins engine indicates that it can operate smoothly under rough temperature and altitude (below 2000m). Furthermore, the engine can get start smoothly when temperature is below -40℃ with the Cummins control system for an electrical cooling. 
Fuel efficiency has always been the top concern for users. Foton Cummins V5 ISF4.5 customers further benefits from the short maintenance cycle and high attendance rate. This is contributed to its modularized and light-weight design, which reduces the parts number by 40%. The mileage between services keeps at 40 thousand on average, which is 4 times the mileage of its likewise product. In addition, the optimized fuel economy can achieve 2-5% fuel efficiency.

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