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Yuchai Develops IoT-enabled Intelligent Sanitation System

Date:2017-04-11 Source:www.chinatrucks.com

www.chinatrucks.com: “When to collect the waste?” “Where is the waste truck now?” “How to make sure waste collection and transportation is both efficient and cost-effective?” “What can we do to rid the bins of nauseous stink and hovering flies?”...Such issues are believed to have perplexed the transfer stations for years. So is there an elixir?

Yuchai Develops IoT-enabled Intelligent Sanitation System
No More Hands-on Waste Collection
According to the China Urban Development Statistics Yearbook 2015, about 191 million tons of household waste were collected and transported in the cities of China that year, and the number is on the rise. As demographic dividend shrinks, it's been difficult to recruit common laborers, not to mention sanitation workers. Therefore, it's inevitable that one day intelligent mechanized waste collection and transportation will take the place of human labor.
Developed by Guangxi Yuchai Special Purpose Vehicle Co., Ltd., the IoT-enabled intelligent waste collection and transportation system is mounted on a new model 3t hook lift compression waste truck. The truck is equipped with imported Palfinger hook lift with a lifting force of up to 750kg, ready to collect waste with mechanical arm and free the hands of sanitation workers.
At a demonstration site of Guangxi Yuchai Special Purpose Vehicle Co., Ltd., we are lucky to see the 3t truck's work in motion. After it is parked precisely 2.8m away from the intelligent waste bin with the help of video monitor system, the worker operates the hook through a wireless remote controller to lift the bin directly to the rear of the truck. A bin lifter dumps waste at a 45° angle while the loader, reinforced on both sides, curbs the dust and waste within the container. The dumping process of one bin is smoothly and swiftly done within 150 seconds by just simple operation on the remote controller.
An Innovative Waste Collection and Transportation Model
The management platform of Yuchai IoT-enabled sanitation system makes full use of GPS technology and revolutionizes the sanitation supervision and management. It can promptly track the trucks in real time and replay their routes, bringing informatization into the realm of vehicle management; since the bins are equipped with intelligent electronic chips, the platform is able to supervise the waste collection and transportation 24/7 with IoT technology and the transfer station can schedule the trucks according to the height and weight of collected waste, and thus effectively reducing the operation costs of trucks and ushering in an intelligent era of waste collection and transportation.
Automatic Alarm System for Waste Overflow
A variety of intelligent technologies are integrated into the semi-buried waste bin that comes with IoT-enabled waste collection and transportation and one of them is the automatic alarm system for waste overflow.
It is said that the inside of waste bin is provided with weight sensor, allowing the management platform remotely monitor the level, weight and temperature of the waste within. When 80% of the bins is full, the system will be alarmed so that it can deploy sanitation workers for prompt waste collection and transportation. Compared with traditional waste bin, the intelligent bin can contain as much as 2m? of waste, which is the volume that a village generates in two to three days, so the sanitation workers don't have to collect waste as often as they used to. While their work load effectively dropping, the operation cost of transfer station also significantly decrease.
Byebye to the Nauseous Smells
Still fretting over stinking waste bins, hovering flies or overflowing sewage? Well, worry no more. As long as you have an intelligent waste bin, all your concerns will be gone.
The bin comes with manually-operated gravity lid with a 635mm-wide inlet, so when waste is dumped into the bin, the lid will shut by itself to keep the smells in the bin. Besides the semi-buried design, the bin is also waterproof with a drainage system. The bin is arranged next to rain shed, chairs and bulletin so whenever it rains, you can have a rest under the shed and refresh your mind by reading what's on the bulletin.
In addition to the standardly-provided components, you are also welcome to buy automatic opening components, such as power-driven handspike and infrared sensor switch, for dumping waste more conveniently.
Solar Power Generation
Solar lamp post is also arranged next to the bin to generate power with solar panels. The power generated and stored in a regular sunny day can last the bin for about seven days with external power source. The functions of the bin, such as automatic alarm system, video monitor and weight sensors, are all powered by the solar energy absorbed by the solar panels.
It's said that Guangxi Yuchai Special Purpose Vehicle Co., Ltd. will promote the IoT-enabled intelligent waste collection and transportation system and demonstrate how it works in the near future to contribute to the sanitation and environmental protection of China. With ecological environmental protection dynamically integrated with industrial development, a win-win future is just around the corner.

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