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MIIT Leaders Pay a Visit to XCMG Europe

Date:2017-04-27 Source:www.chinatrucks.com

www.chinatrucks.com: On the afternoon of April 6, 2017, German time, Minister MIAO Wei and four of his colleagues in the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, MIIT, visited XCMG Europe accompanied by VP WU Jianglong of XCMG Group.

The visitors, at first, visited R&D facilities of XCMG’s R&D Center in Europe and gave high praise for technological level of main valve, motor and speed reducer of hydraulic excavator, as well as the all all-terrain truck crane safety control system, etc. that are independently developed by XCMG.

MIIT Leaders Visit XCMG Europe
Afterwards, XCMG VP WU Jianglong reported to the visiting MIIT leaders about the mission, role and progress made by XCMG in its international development. He also reported on development of XCMG Europe, the innovative measures in operating and managing XCMG Europe and innovations in the model of intelligent manufacturing.

MIIT Leaders Visit XCMG Europe
After listening to the report, Minister MIAO Wei highly praised the XCMG achievements in its international development, intelligent manufacturing, technical innovation and China-Germany cooperation. He said pleasantly that XCMG Europe team consisting of German and Chinese managers and engineers and wonderful cooperation between them perfectly represent the Three Ins advocated by XCMG, namely, investments, innovation and integration. “I hope in the future you will continue to strengthen cultural exchanges between the two enterprises and countries, thus laying a solid cultural foundation for fresh development in both countries”, said Minister MIAO, “Last but not least, I sincerely hope XCMG can stand firmly on a new starting point and continue to work hard for better results so that the world can experience quality and charm of our products.”
After expressing again gratitude to MIIT leaders for their visit, VP WU Jianglong said XCMG will go on working hard to live up to the expectations and make contributions to China-Germany cooperation and common development. Before finishing the visit, MIIT leaders and employees had a group photo in front of XCMG products.

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