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FAW Jiefang Ranks First among Medium- and Heavy-Duty Truck Sales

Date:2017-06-26 Source:www.chinatrucks.com

www.chinatrucks.com: On June 22, the middle-year conference themed “Collecting wisdom to deliver results, aiming for the No.1” was held in Dalian where the FAW Jiefang Dachai Deutz are located. The event was conducted in the presence of over 600 hundred people, including Jiefang’s distributors, service partners and media friends who have been showing concerns and providing support for Jiefang’s business development.

FAW Jiefang Ranks First among Medium- and Heavy-Duty Truck Sales in the First Ha

FAW Jiefang ranks first with sales of143,000 units in Medium- and Heavy-Duty Truck segment in the first half of 2017

In the first half of 2017, thanks to the efforts made by Jiefang’s marketing unit and its distributors, FAW Jiefang keeps staying in the No.1 position. More specifically, its whole vehicle sales stood at 155,000 units, among which 143,000 units for medium and heavy trucks with a market share of 21%, and 131,000 units for heavy trucks with a market share of 23% and 32.7% market share for tractors.

The sales volume of dumpers is over 10,000 units, up by 116% year on year. The light duty vehicles see a sales volume of 12,000 units, up by 50% year on year. In other segmented markets like hazardous article transport and mass transmit, FAW Jiefang continues to be a leader, further consolidating its position as a leading truck manufacturer.

At the workshop, General Manager and Party Secretary Wang Zhi Cai delivers a keynote report in which a new marketing target is proposed: the sales target for medium and heavy truck in 2017 is raised to 235,000 units with a market share of 21%.

Learning from updated managerial expertise to offer advanced customer service

Having fully understood the advanced operation and managerial expertise abroad and Chinese customers’ unique demands and industrial special features, FAW officially launches Jiefang TCO - vehicle full lifecycle service guarantee solution to transform from offering simple after-sales service to the “full lifecycle care”. Also, Jiefang have developed an innovative measure for its key clients and products that will provide a full or half service after signing a contract to improve customer’s satisfaction.

The displayed vehicle is also a spotlight of this conference. This time, Jiefang showcases 24 units, mainly from truck production bases of Changchun, Qingdao and Liuzhou, covering many star products of tractors, dumpers, vans and special vehicles, such as “Green channel” version, “Quality benefit” version, “Super worthy” version, Tian V, Han V and other light-weighted vans. The new J6 launched at the autoshow on June 9 proves to be the most eye-catching in presence.

Deutz CA6DH state-Ⅴengine rolls off the line

The new Deutz CA6DH state-Ⅴengine is officially offline in Dalian. In the past decade, under the joint effort of FAW and Deutz, its products are presented with a pattern including 5 platforms. Relying on excellent performance and reliable quality, Deutz CA6DH has been highly welcomed and recognized. It is believed that 6DH engine will facilitate Jiefang to reach a new high!

FAW Jiefang Ranks First among Medium- and Heavy-Duty Truck Sales in the First Ha

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