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XCMG Product Introduction Conference Comes into Oman

Date:2017-07-05 Source:www.chinatrucks.com

www.chinatrucks.com: Recently, XCMG Product Introduction Conference was held in Oman solemnly. In an exceptionally warm atmosphere, the conference received over 100 representatives from the Embassy / Consulate of China to Oman, Chinese enterprises, local dealers and customers of XCMG, large construction companies, financial institutions, media, etc.

XCMG Product Introduction Conference Comes into Oman

Mr. Yang Dongsheng, General Manager of XCMG, initially made the welcome speech, on behalf of XCMG, to warmly welcome the distinguished guests and friends from various circles present in the conference. Yang said, since XCMG stepped into Middle East in 1993, Oman had always been one of the major markets cultivated by the Group with effort. Presently, XCMG products can be seen all over Oman, making contribution to the local economic development and infrastructure construction. Looking into the future, XCMG will strike root deeply as ever in the local market, providing even superior quality products and service, alongside more effective solution on complete construction machinery.

XCMG Product Introduction Conference Comes into Oman

The XCMG dealers at Oman reviewed the progressive road of concerted cooperation with XCMG, and described the customer-centered business mentality of XCMG. Meantime, the representatives from local large oil producers or construction contractors shared their experience when they cooperated with XCMG and used XCMG products. They expressed their extreme satisfaction with XCMG products on the aspects of quality and after sale service and the like, so they would lock to XCMG brand during future purchase.

At the conference, Mr. Zhai Kun, Deputy GM of XCMG Import & Export Co. Ltd., detailed the solution on XCMG complete equipment as well as the relevant exemplifications, which lit up the attendees’ eyes and aroused echo among them. To sincerely express thankfulness for the long term support from Oman clients, XCMG additionally arranged appreciation dinner and awarding period at the conference site, showing XCMG’s warmness and sincerity to the attendants.

XCMG Product Introduction Conference Comes into Oman

Located in the converging area at the western end of the Belt & Road, Oman is one of the major partners for building up the Initiatives. Sept. 25, 2015, Abdullah Saleh Al Saadi, the Oman ambassador to China, visited XCMG and highly appraised its strategic implementation and great contribution to the Belt and Road initiatives, especially appreciating its powerful capability in technological R&D and industrial manufacture as well as its various complete industry chains.

Till now, XCMG has shipped over 2000 sets of various equipment to Oman market, the amount approximating 100 million USD, ahead of the local construction machinery industry over the years. In the future, following the favorable trend of the Belt and Road initiatives, firmly holding the gold standard “Leading Technologies and Everlasting Products”, XCMG will achieve new development to achieve win-win outcome in Oman market.

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