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Dongfeng Captain ZD30 Sales Exceeds 10,000 Units Since Its Launch

Date:2017-07-13 Source:www.chinatrucks.com

www.chinatrucks.com: According to the marketing department of Dongfeng, its new power Captain ZD30 has realized a total sales volume of over 10,000 units since its launch on February 18.

Dongfeng Captain ZD30 Sales Exceeds 10,000 Units Since Its Launch 5 Months Ago

Dongfeng said part of the reason for the rising sales is because their years of efforts in high-end light truck market and the precise position of professional urban logistics. Up till now, phase progress has been made thanks to their constant adjustment to the product structure and focus on high-end medium truck.

The recent months indicates that logistics market is blooming. Highly effective, reliable and energy-saving transportation tools are highly demanded, and the requirement on the logistics vehicles is to have a “green core”.

Dongfeng Captain, in cope with market/customers’ demands, equips self-produced core power ZD30 engine which is one of Dongfeng’s leading powers. It is originated from Nissan’s global engine R&D platform and is featured by five big advantages than its same kind: integration of the state-of-art technologies, high reliability, fuel-saving and environmental friendly feature, light-weighted design and super low noise.

It is learnt that ZD30 engine is launched in several countries at the same time. The complete engine is produced in China and then exported to other countries, and the part resources are commonly shared in the globe. The engine has passed the 12,000 hours reliability test and 100,000km duration test, and reached the requirements of “4 extremes” (extreme high temperature, extreme cold environment, extreme high longitude, and extreme humid environment). It can successfully get started even in the extreme environment of minus 40℃. It’s worth mentioning that the engine equips BOSCH new electrically controlled high-pressure common-rail fuel injection system. It has won the only “Most Fuel Saving Award” in China’s International Truck Competition for three consecutive years.

In 2009, it took part in the Paris Dakar Rally and underwent the harshest competition, but finally won several championships.

ZD30 engine can not only meet up China-5 emission standard, but also conform to Euro-6 emission. The cylinder cover, gearbox cover and oil pan all uses highly intensive and light-weighted aluminum materials, thus the overall weight decreases 65kg. The imported noise reduction technology makes running noise within 92db, 10% better than what the standard required.

Comparing its same kind in China, ZD30 has two big advantages. One is the upgraded power. The rated power is upgraded to 110kw, up by 7%; the maximum torque is upgraded to 280-370 Nm, up by 16%; and the minimum torque is upgraded to 145 Nm, up by 32%. The other is the upgraded specification. The whole series add air brake as standard and pass the WHTC certification. The water pump is upgraded to large mass flow, with good thermal dissipation. The engine cover is also equipped as a standard configuration.

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