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New Junling Express Version to be Launched

Date:2017-07-14 Source:www.chinatrucks.com

www.chinatrucks.com: At such a fast moving era, only constant change make ourselves stronger. What the transportation industry is pursuing is how to be more effective and convenient. The brand new Junling express version is going to be launched in the whole nation.

Super low fuel consumption and highly effective economy

The new Junling express version equips D286 (Dewei 286) engine, creating an advantage of engine for express version. In the meantime, there is JAC logo on the cover of engine as a exclusive emblem of Junling express version.

New Junling Express Version to be Launched

Wide view and upgraded security

The express vehicles always run in and out of the complex road conditions in city and down town areas. The frame-style rear view mirror ensures no blind area in driving, greatly upgrading the security.

When the turn signal is on, the front fog lamp is also on, thus enlarging the brightness area, which will guarantee the security when turning, especially for vehicles running in the night.

High beam is separated from low beam. When the high beam is on, the low beam will not be off, thus the road condition in near upfront is also clear. The parabola of headlamp is enlarged and the reflected light is intensified, thus the brightness of the headlamp is 70% higher than other brands.

The headlamp can be adjusted from inside the vehicle, enabling an easier way to adjust the height of brightness. The 10 LED daytime running lamps increase the active safety in daytime running and brings cool efforts.

New Junling Express Version to be Launched

Enlarged container is the top choice of logistics industry

The new Junling express version has a large container, 4150*1900*2100mm, with 16.6 cubic meters. It is therefore the top choice for express and logistics industry.

In addition to the large container, the highly intensive steel sheet and robotic wireless welding make the quality to a higher level. The original reflective sticker and standard tail light hole are not only pleasing to the eye but also practical.

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