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Yuchai YC6K Engine Shines at China Truck Racing Championship (Beijing Station)

Date:2017-07-28 Source:www.chinatrucks.com

www.chinatrucks.com: On June 11, the 2017 China Truck Racing Championship (Beijing Station) kicked off at Beijing Goldenport International Circuit. C&C truck and Chenglong H7, equipped with Yuchai YC6K engines, respectively won the second and third prizes, as well as the champion and runner-up among domestic truck teams.

Yuchai YC6K Engine Shines at the China Truck Racing Championship (Beijing Statio

Ten truck teams and 19 trucks in total participated in this championship, among which three trucks were equipped with Yuchai YC6K engines. Due to the high speed and poor operation condition in race, engines of trucks are hard on performances, especially on power performance, which requires high power output, rapid acceleration and large torque. The shining of Yuchai YC6K engine at the competition fully displayed its strengths of strong power, stable performance and sturdiness and durability, and safeguarded its supremacy and honor.

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