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Wuzheng Sanitary Products up by 50.9%

Date:2017-08-08 Source:www.chinatrucks.com

www.chinatrucks.com:August 4, 2017, journalist from www.chinaspv.com learns that Wuzheng stands out from 9 competitors and wins the bid in a purchase project in Yunan after a series of constant efforts. The bided products include: 211 units of three-wheel lateral loading vehicles, 51 units of hook arm vehicles and 293 3m3 garbage tanks. The bidding amount surpasses 12.8 million yuan.

Wuzheng Sanitary Products up by 50.9%

In the first half of 2017, Wuzheng receives good news one after another. The sales revenue grows by 50.9% year on year and its market share is on a dramatic rise.

Quality is the reason for Wuzheng standing out from competitors in several fierce competitions. In face of the increasingly competitive market, Wuzheng doesn’t seek quick success and instant benefits; instead, it continues to deepen in technologies to make sure product quality with an aim of providing the most reliable products to users.

Wuzheng sanitary products all use mature platform based on popular Aochi and Aoxiang vehicles, thus ensuring the good quality of products. China’s leading modular design manufacturing, shielding, welding and coating provide strong technical support for sanitary products and make sure the fast series production of new products.

In order to meet customers’ diversified needs, Wuzheng keeps launching new products. Since the beginning of this year, Wuzheng has launched almost 20 products including vertical, underground and fixed garbage tanks, cleaning vehicles and wet sweeping vehicles. Now it has in total around 100 products in terms of garbage disposal & transit, harmless treatment, and food and kitchen refuse transfer, etc. It has applied for over 70 patents to the nation, and around 20 technical innovation projects in Shandong province. Its R&D and innovation are leading in its industry.

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