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JMC Brings VIGUS on Display at 2017 CCVS

Date:2017-11-08 Source:www.chinatrucks.com

On November 4, JMC brought its new VIGUS on display at 2017 China International Commercial Vehicle Exhibition held in Wuhan. Making its debut on October 2 this year, VIGUS has seven different versions available to suit customers’ special needs. Either 2.0T gasoline or 2.4 T diesel engine is mounted on the vehicle to serve customers’ power requirements. Priced at 132,600-173,300 RMB, the vehicle powered by gasoline is also equipped with an automatic transmission gearbox.JMC Brings VIGUS on Display at 2017 CCVS

VIGUS has increased its wheelbase by 50mm to, reaching 3,085mm. It has either 235/70 R16 or 265/65 R17 tires. The body of the vehicle measures 5,375mm×1,905mm×1,760mm/1,835mm (two drive or four drive) in size and its cargo container 1475×1475×500mm in size.

The one version of VIGUS powered by 2.0T gasoline engine delivers a maximum 205 horsepower and a maximum torque of 325 N.m. The other version of Yuhu powered by 2.4T diesel engine increased its maximum power by 15 horsepower reaching 140 horsepower and its maximum torque by 65 N.m reaching 375 N.m.

In addition, the diesel powered VIGUS is equipped with a six-speed manual transmission gearbox while the gasoline powered VIGUS is equipped with either a six-speed manual transmission gearbox or a six-speed automatic-manual integrated transmission gearbox.

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