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Chairman of Yuchai Visited Its Strategic Partners

Date:2018-04-11 Source:www.chinatrucks.com

On March 13-16, Yan Ping, Chairman of Yuchai Group, led corporate leaders to visit Dongfeng Trucks, Dongfeng Special Commercial Vehicle, Dongfeng Special Automobile Chassis, Hubei Dayun Automobile, Hubei Tri-Ring Special Vehicle, Shaanxi Automobile Baoji Huashan Engineering Vehicle and other strategic partners of Yuchai Group. During the discussion, Yan Ping said that the R&D of China VI presents a historical opportunity for the development of Chinese internal combustion engine industry and auto industry. Yuchai is ready to maintain sincerity and mutual trust to deepen and upgrade cooperative relationship with its partners, and to shape new cooperation pattern, new models, and establish closer strategic alliance. Joint efforts should be made to deliver more quality products, services and value for customers, and to usher in a more splendid chapter.

Yan Ping, Chairman of Yuchai Visited Strategic Partners of Yuchai Group

Dongfeng Trucks: Yuchai has been selected by market and users

On March 13, the delegation discussed with Yang Qing, Vice General Manager of Dongfeng Motor Corporation and General Manager of Dongfeng Trucks, and other leaders. Yan Ping briefed on the advantages of China VI engines of Yuchai. He said that, Yuchai Group has become a top leader of international internal combustion engine industry by outpacing competitors to roll out 14 types of China VI engines. The development of Yuchai China VI has combined the most cutting-edge suppliers of components and parts worldwide, and was made possible through revolutionary technological innovation. By releasing the 14 new types of China VI engines, Yuchai has moved away from being a “follower” in producing internal combustion engines, and emerged as a leader coming up with products of global significance.

Yan Ping pointed that, Yuchai has grown up thanks to the support of and open-minded cooperation with Dongfeng. And Yuchai has taken Dongfeng as a role model in building its manufacturing and quality systems. Down the road, besides further expanding traditional product platform, Yuchai hopes to strengthen technical exchanges and cooperation in new energy sector with Dongfeng.

Yang Qing spoke high of the outstanding performance of Yuchai China VI products, and appreciated Yuchai’s efforts in heavily investing in technologies, and in reforming and incentivizing its R&D system, and its courage and confidence in pushing for system reform. He said, over these years, Dongfeng has only three power assemblies, namely owned Dongfeng Renault, joint venture Dongfeng Cummins, and Yuchai, which is the result of many years’ of cooperation, as well as the outcome of market selection. Dongfeng will respect what the market and users have chosen, and will push for further cooperation with an open mind.

Dongfeng Special Commercial Vehicle: China VI products are totally compatible and widely used

On March 14, the group visited Dongfeng Special Commercial Vehicle Co., Ltd, and discussed with Luo Yuanhong, General Manager Assistant of Dongfeng Motor Corporation and Chairman of Dongfeng Special Commercial Vehicle Co., Ltd, and other leaders. Luo Yuanhong briefed on the progress and fruits of mixed-ownership reform of Dongfeng Industrial Co., Ltd, and talked about the development plan of Dongfeng Special Commercial Vehicle. Yan Ping also exchanged views with leaders of Dongfeng on reform and development of Yuchai.

During the discussion, the two sides have reached agreement on the objective and progress of China VI development, components and parts of engines, and new energy, and confirmed that they will join hands for closer strategic cooperation. When it comes to China VI, Yuchai Y24, S04, S06, K08, A7N, K13N and other types will be used in Dongfeng Special Commercial Vehicle as compatible parts. It is said that in 2017, Dongfeng Special Commercial Vehicle has used nearly 19,000 Yuchai engines, up 17%.

Hubei Tri-Ring Special Vehicle: the scope of cooperation has extended to new energy

On March 14, the group visited Hubei Tri-Ring Special Vehicle Co., Ltd, and were received by Chairman Gao Hongwei and other leaders. Gao Hongwei looked back into the cooperation journey of Hubei Tri-Ring with Yuchai over the past 20 plus years, and hoped that the two sides sustain their efforts in strengthening the relationship, and move faster to push for the adaptation and trial assembly of Yuchai China VI S04, S06, K05, and K08. The two sides expressed their hope to deepen cooperation in new energy sector based on the existing cooperation in traditional engines.

Hubei Tri-Ring is a trustworthy partner of Yuchai for many years, and more than 90% of its engines come from Yuchai. In 2017, nearly 8,000 Yuchai engines have been used in Hubei Tri-Ring, up 51%. In 2018, Hubei Tri-Ring aims to sell 12,000 finished vehicles, with 10,000 Yuchai engines being expected to be used.

Dongfeng Special Automobile Chassis: product cooperation will cover the whole platform

On March 15, the delegation exchanged views with General Manager Zheng Hua and other leaders of Dongfeng Special Automobile Chassis Co., Ltd. He expressed his congratulation on what Dongfeng Special Automobile Chassis has achieved, and said that Yuchai will spare no efforts to offer support in technology, service and other aspects. He hoped that the two companies work together to win the fight of spreading heavy machinery. Zheng Hua said that, heavy-duty gas engines of Yuchai have been highly recognized among users for their reliability, economical efficiency and after-sale service, and the company is confident in spreading heavy gas engines of Yuchai.

Dongfeng Special Automobile Chassis is one of the most important strategic partners of Yuchai in high horsepower engine platform. In 2017, the company sold a total of 15,000 engines of Yuchai, including 6,335 engines of gas tractors, 1,283 engines of special gas vehicles, 6,140 engines of special oil vehicles, and 1,339 engines of oil dump trucks, vans, and tractors. The share of Yuchai engines used in the company amounted to 80%. In 2018, Dongfeng Special Automobile Chassis will roll out new products of D901, D7, D5, D3, D1 and others, with Yuchai engines of 115-520 horsepower covering the whole series and platform. The company aims to sell 20,000 vehicles in 2018, which means that 16,000 Yuchai engines will be used here.

Hubei Dayun Automobile: Yuchai is the most reliable partner

On March 15, the group visited Hubei Dayun Automobile Co., Ltd, and were received by Chairman Yuan Qinshan. Yuan Qinshan reviewed the cooperation history of Dayun and Yuchai, and talked about the development objective of Dayun. He believed that, years of cooperation has testified that Yuchai has become the most reliable partner of Dayun, and Dayun means to become the most important partner of Yuchai in the coming five to ten years.

Yan Ping appreciated the rapid development of Dayun during the past years, and said that Yuchai will return the trust of Dayun with premium products, and push for strategic cooperation with Dayun in a sincere manner and an all-round way.

Shanxi Automobile Baoji Huashan Engineering Vehicle: sparing no efforts in working with Yuchai

On March 16, the group discussed with Wang Chunsong, Chairman of Shaanxi Automobile Baoji Huashan Engineering Vehicle Co., Ltd. Leaders of the company said that, Xuande X3 tractors, which were assembled with Yuchai 6K gas engines, have been well received upon hitting the market, which testified to the huge potential of Yuchai in the field of heavy truck engine. In 2018, Shaanxi Automobile Baoji Huashan Engineering Vehicle will leave no stone unturned to work with Yuchai, and work to make continuous innovative breakthroughs, enhance the influence of Yuchai engines used in Xuande products. The company intends to sell at least 16,000 vehicles and work to meet the target of 20,000, which means that at least 8,000 sets of Yuchai engines will be installed while aiming at the target of 12,000 sets.

Yan Ping expressed his congratulation on the strong momentum of Shaanxi Automobile Baoji Huashan Engineering Vehicle, and asked his Yuchai team on the scene to cherish the trust and opportunity to pool all possible resources for cooperation. As regard to problems and demand suggestions proposed by the company, he pointed out that efforts would be made to resolve these issues at an early date. He said that Yuchai will support Shaanxi Automobile Baoji Huashan Engineering Vehicle in technical support, after-sale service, delivery guarantee and other aspects, and Yuchai would take the product cooperation project seriously so as to lay a solid foundation for greater output of Shaanxi Automobile Baoji Huashan Engineering Vehicle in the coming two years. (www.chinatrucks.com)

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