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Jiefang Self-driving Trucks Set to Make Huge Splashes

Date:2018-04-12 Source:www.chinatrucks.com

In recent years, developing smart vehicles with self-driving technologies has become the unstoppable trend in the global auto industry. As driver-less vehicles will not only free many people from the tedious and repetitive work, but also greatly reduce the risks of road accidents, they have a promising future.

Jiefang Self-driving Trucks Set to Make Huge Splashes

In April, 2017, FAW Jiefang successfully completed a testing program for its own driver-less commercial vehicles. In October, its L3 smart truck accomplished a road test on expressway, becoming the first smart commercial vehicle in China to make such an impressive achievement.

Sources have confirmed that Jiefang has already developed its seventh generation heavy-duty trucks and L4 smart trucks. It has been revealed that the new driverless truck L4 developed by Jiefang does not even have a driver’s cockpit.Jiefang Self-driving Trucks Set to Make Huge Splashes

According to some technician from Jiefang, L3 and L4 are both driver-less vehicles. The biggest difference is that L4 is more adaptable on various road conditions while L3 is only able to drive on such specified environment as expressway.

While developing driver-less vehicles, FAW Jiefang is actively involved in developing new energy vehicles. By improving the vehicles’ intelligence level and their environmental friendliness, the auto maker aims to further promote the sound and sustainable development of the vehicle industry. (www.chinatrucks.com)

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