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SAIC Hongyan Sold Over 6,900 Units Heavy-duty Trucks in April

Date:2018-05-08 Source:www.chinatrucks.com

In April, SAIC Hongyan set a new record in its sales of heavy-duty trucks with its monthly sales volume exceeding 6,800 units, up by 68% year on year. For sixteen consecutive months, the company has maintained the fast growing momentum in the industry among all players.

According to some industrial insiders, SAIC Hongyan’s miraculous growth recently can be attributed to its accurate market positioning and its high-quality products.

As the leading brand in the engineering vehicle market, SAIC Hongyan saw a surge in its sales of engineering vehicles in March and April.

SAIC Hongyan Sold Over 6,900 Units Heavy-duty Trucks in April

After making its debut at Auto China 2016, SAIC Hongyan truck for transporting cars soon secured an order of 2,000 units. In May, 2017, the vehicle started its official operation. So far, it has well stood the test of market, demonstrating its high reliability.

At Auto China 2018, SAIC Hongyan had seven new vehicle models on display. Five of them boast a power higher than 500 horsepower. In November, 2017, the company rolled out Jieshi C500 with a maximum 560 horsepower. One month later, it released a vehicle model with the same level of horsepower and internet connection.

Fully demonstrating its unparalleled stability at Darkar Rally, SAIC Hongyan large horsepower truck and its internet connected truck have both been gaining rising popularity in the market.

Also worth mentioning is that SAIC Hongyan Jieshi container truck successfully completed its self-driving test, becoming the first truck in China to accomplish such as demanding task.

Having blazed a new trail for its development, SAIC Hongyan is now eyeing on heavy-duty recreational truck market and internet-connected 6×6 truck market. At Auto China 2018, its new 6×6 truck featuring large horsepower and internet connection has sent strong signals to the development trend in China’s truck market. (www.chinatrucks.com)

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