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Trend of Heavy-duty Truck Revealed by Beijing Auto Show

Date:2018-05-11 Source:www.chinatrucks.com

What’s the latest trend that leads the heavy-duty truck industry? Let’s take a look at it through the currently concluded Beijing Auto Show and be the first ones to embrace the latest trends.

High Horsepower—of the large displacement trucks on show, JMC had their heavy-duty offerings on hand, including 6X4 prime-mover and the rigid construction truck.

Trend of Heavy Duty Truck Revealed at Beijing Auto Show

These offerings are powered by Ford-supplied 13 liter engines that produced 420hp, and up to 500hp equivalent thermal stress and mechanical stress on housing lid, crankshaft, camshaft and connecting rod.

Beiben had their Weichai-powered 13L V3ET on show, as well as V3 4X2 offering too.

Beijing-based Foton also offers its flagship Auman EST-A 2.0 super truck with Cummins X12 engine that produces 520hp.

GENLYON, had a 6X6 prime mover on show, which is powered by Iveco’s Cursor 13 engine producing up to 560hp.

In this age of large horsepower, when every truck makers eagerly brought high-horsepower trucks to Auto China 2018, large displacement will definitely become an inevitable result of future automotive development.

Intelligence--Foton motor has applied not only advanced driving assistance technology but also active and passive safety technology including FCW, LKA, AEB, and ACC to its Auman EST-A.

Beiben V3ET uses advanced EBS, AEB, ACC, as well as ESC, LDWS, Night Vision System and Fatigue Driving Warning System that can significant improve vehicle safety.

Trend of Heavy Duty Truck Revealed at Beijing Auto Show

For optimum vehicle intelligence, GENLYON features Human-computer interaction system that combines data interaction, chat function, road driving, active safety, diagnosis and vehicle entertainment together.

Humanization-- Foton Auman EST-A and GELYON 6X6 prime mover on display use ZF automatic transmission, while Beiben V3ET uses FAST automatic transmission, which all significantly help to reduce the possibility of fatigue and improve travelling safety.

With ZF hydraulic retarder and FAST hydraulic retarder respectively, Foton Auman EST-A and Beiben V3ET enables to travel lengthy downhill at a constant speed.

Parking air conditioner is also provided and it can operate on a parked car to set the temperature inside the cab. 

In future, we believe that heavy duty truck will head straight towards large displacement, intelligence and humanization and drivers will have a chance to enjoy more comfort and easy driving experience.

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