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Foton Ends April with Sales of 4,400 Units Aumark

Date:2018-05-14 Source:www.chinatrucks.com

In April, the sales volume of Aumark reached 4,400 units. From January to April this year, the sales volume of Aumark totaled 14,900 units, accounting for 33% of its sales target for the whole year.

Foton Ends April with Sales of 4,400 Units Aumark Trucks

From January to April in 2016, the sales volume of Aumark stood at 10,000 units, almost 50% less than that in the same period this year.

In 2015, the sales volume of light trucks registered at 1.71 million units. In 2016, the figure dropped to 1.53 million units. In the past two years, the sales volume of light trucks maintained a growth rate of 11.7% year on year. Despite the slight growth of the light truck sales, Aumark’s managed to maintain a sales growth higher than the industrial average.

In 2017, Foton Aumark only has S3 and S5 models available for customers. This year, Foton added Aumark S1 targeting urban logistic market. Boasting a wide spectrum of products, including Aumark S1 and S3 super light trucks, S5 super medium-duty truck, Auman EST super heavy-duty truck, Foton provides customers with a series of highly efficient logistic solutions for a wide range of market.

In addition, Foton rolled out TCO, aiming to further help customers cut their operation costs and improve their profit margin.

Technological innovation is an other key to Aumark’s commercial success. Soon, in response to the implementation of China VI Emission Standards, Foton and Cummins will release their new generation ISF series, X series power solutions, both of which boast higher environmental friendliness.

In addition, Aumark has been constantly improving its intelligence level. At Auto China 2018, Aumark S5 Super Medium-duty Truck 2.0 Euro VI, with its futuristic design, made a big splash. “The vehicle equipped with the internet of vehicle and advanced CAN will soon be put into commercial operation,” said Shao Guoqing, Deputy General Manager of Aumark Marketing Company. It is also revealed that all Aumark truck models are mounted with iFoton intelligent system, Beidou/GPS, long-distance communication and a number of other state-of-art technologies. (www.chinatrucks.com)

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