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Six Most Popular Trucks from January to June in 2018

Date:2018-06-20 Source:www.chinatrucks.com

Statistics show that China’s sales volume of heavy-duty trucks reached 560,000 units from January to June this year. Among all truck brands, Jiefang New J6, Howo T7H intelligent version, SAIC Hongyan 6×6 truck, JAC V7, JMC Weilong self-dumping vehicle, SANY heavy-duty truck enjoyed the most popularity.

1) Jiefang New J6

On June 6, Jiefang officially rolled out its upgraded version of J6. Equipped with seats made by Grammer, the vehicle has added a muffler. In addition, “Navigator” 2.0 Internet of Vehicles intelligent system, panoramic viewing system, ESC, AEBS, ACC and a number of other highly advanced technologies can all be found on the vehicle. Jiefang New J6 is equipped with 13L 550 horsepower engine, ZF 16-speed transmission gearbox and a rear axle with a speed ratio of 2.688. It is also revealed that the truck can be mounted with an oil tank with a volume of either 800 L or 500 L.

Six Most Popular Trucks from January to June in 2018

2) Howo T7H intelligent truck

On April 26, after releasing Sitrak intelligent truck, CNHTC officially rolled out Howo T7H intelligent truck. Inheriting all the strengths of Howo T7H truck, the upgraded version is equipped with MAN 540 horsepower engine, HW25716XACL and hydraulic retarder. The biggest highlight on the truck is its intelligent active safety system, which consists of EBS+ESC, AEB, LDW, ACC and HSA.

Six Most Popular Trucks from January to June in 2018

3) SAIC Hongyan 6×6 truck

As the first internet-connected heavy-duty truck in China, Hongyan 6×6 truck is chiefly targeted at the fast growing heavy-duty truck market. Featuring internet access and large horsepower, the truck delivers impressively powerful performances. According to its maker, the truck is equipped with Fiat Cursor 13 L 560 horsepower engine, AMT, power divider, 13-ton front driving axle and 16-ton rear driving axle. It is highly adaptable to various road conditions and boasts a higher loading capacity.

Six Most Popular Trucks from January to June in 2018

4) JAC Gallop V7

On May 2, JAC launched a promotional program for its Gallop V7. By developing new manufacturing procedure, Gallop V7 boasts a number of eye-catching facilities, including on-button start-up, blind spot monitoring, air heater, tire pressure monitoring, lane deviation warning, driving assessment, remote connection, etc. Equipped with either Cummins 490 horsepower engine or MAN 540 horsepower engine, ZF TraXon transmission gearbox and a rear axle with small speed ratio, the truck has significantly improved its reliability and transmission efficiency. Thanks to a host of measures taken by JAC to cut the vehicle’s weight, Gallop V7 weighs only 8.3 tons and 49 tons when fully loaded.

Six Most Popular Trucks from January to June in 2018

5) JMC Weilong self-dumping vehicle

JMC Weilong self-dumping vehicle made its debut in March, 2017 and immediately it made a sensation in the market thanks to its unique appearance. Equipped with either 9L or 13L engines imported abroad, the vehicle has a power range from 365 to 420 horsepower. It uses TIMKEN front axle bearing and steel with high rigidity. Thus, the truck has greatly improved its loading capacity.

Six Most Popular Trucks from January to June in 2018

6) SANY heavy-duty truck

On March 31, SANY Heavy Industry officially rolled out its first heavy-duty truck. Soon, the first batch of 700 units SANY heavy-duty trucks were sold out. According to many customers, the driver’s cockpit holds the greatest appeal to them: flat flooring, 1.2 meter foldable sofa, U-shaped cupboards and storage cases, vibration-reducing seat, 360 degrees rotation for front passenger seat, TV set, small table, refrigerator, microwave oven, 220 V power supply, air-conditioning system. In addition, the truck is equipped with Weichai WP 13L 500 horsepower engine and Fast 12-speed transmission gearbox and Hande MAN axle with a small speed ratio.

Six Most Popular Trucks from January to June in 2018

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