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Shaanqi Dump Trucks Go up 96.4% to Stand at 29,503 Units in First Six Months

Date:2018-07-09 Source:www.chinatrucks.com

According to Shaanqi, it sold 29,503 units self-dumping trucks from January to June in 2018, up by 96.4% year on year. Its sales volume of self-dumping trucks accounted for 30.6% of the overall sales in the industry. In the same period, the company’s sales volume of concrete mixers reached 5,621 units, up by 159% year on year.

Shaanqi Total Dump Trucks Sales Reached 29,503 Units in Jan. to Jun.

From March to June this year, Shaanqi has maintained a fast growing momentum in its sales of self-dumping trucks. In March, its sales volume reached 7,000 units, up by 153% year on year; in April, its sales volume stood at 6,574 units, up by 139.1% year on year; in May, its sales volume registered at 5,272 units, up by 69.6% year on year; In June, its sales volume totaled 5,837 units, up by 73% year on year.

In addition, Shaanqi’s sales volume of heavy-duty trucks from January to June this year reached 98,000 units, up by 12% year on year. (www.chinatrucks.com)

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