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BYD Electric Intelligent Dump Trucks Start Large-scalely Operation in Shenzhen

Date:2018-07-16 Source:www.chinatrucks.com

On July 12, a grand ceremony was held in Shenzhen to mark the official pilot operation of 500 units BYD T10ZT electric intelligent dumping trucks.

BYD Electric Intelligent Dumping Trucks Start Operation in Shenzhen

Measuring 9,610 mm in length, 2,550 mm in width, and 3,210 mm in height, BYD T10ZT is equipped with a U shaped cargo container, 180 kw double electric motors, 4AMT transmission gearbox and 16-ton axle. With more integrated design, the truck boasts 435 kWh power when fully recharged.

In the past few months, BYD has set up 14 recharging stations for electric dumping trucks in seven districts in Shenzhen, fully meeting the recharging needs of 500 units dumping trucks.

Statistics show that BYD electric intelligent dumping truck is able to travel 283 kilometers continuously and still has 10% electric power left. Boasting simpler operation, impressive power, higher energy efficiency and higher environmental friendliness, the vehicle has immediately won the heart of many customers. (www.chinatrucks.com)

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