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Five Heavy-duty Trucks Expected to Get Launched in Second Half Year

Date:2018-07-31 Source:www.chinatrucks.com

1) FAW Jiefang: Jiefang J7

As Jiefang’s new generation of heavy-duty truck, J7 has already gained wide public and media attention. In April, 2018, J7 officially went off the production line. It is to hit the market soon.

Five Heavy-duty Trucks to Get Launch in Second Half Year

Compared with J6, J7 possesses a more muscular and streamlined body structure. It has added a host of other eye-catching features, including airbag seat, automatic air-conditioning system, large-screen multi-media, LED meter, one-button start-up, etc. In addition, it is equipped with CA12TAX230M3 transmission gearbox with aluminum casing and Xichai CA6DM3 engine with a maximum 550 horsepower.

2) Shacman Heavy-duty Truck: Delong X6000

Delong X6000 boasts a futuristic front and a sedan-like interior. It has also introduced a host of amenities for drivers, such as an electronic brake, a large screen, a water dispenser, a refrigerator, airbag seats, an automatic transmission gearbox, and one-button start-up. In addition, it can be equipped with either Weichai WP13 550 horsepower engine or Xian Cummins 450 horsepower engine. It also adopts Fast SF16JZ260 AMT automatic transmission gearbox, hydraulic retarder, Hande SHF7.3-ton front axle and Hand 13-ton rear axle.

Five Heavy-duty Trucks to Get Launch in Second Half Year

3) Shacman Heavy-duty Truck: Delong X3000 premium

Built on the huge success of Delong X3000, Shacman Delong X3000 premium has an upgraded power system: Cummins 15-liter 600 horsepower engine. It achieves a maximum torque of 2,779 N.m. It is also equipped with FAST 12-speed transmission gearbox, two 1,000-liter oil tanks and MAN decelerator. Its 13-ton rear axle achieves a speed ratio of 2.533. It is revealed that Delong X3000 premium will hit the market in September this year.

Five Heavy-duty Trucks to Get Launch in Second Half Year

4) CAMC: Hanma H9

Compared with its predecessor, Hanma H9 has gone through a number of changes. With brand new design philosophy, it looks more awe-inspiring. Equipped with 13-liter 550-horsepower engine independently developed by CAMC and Hanma 16-speed transmission gearbox, Hanma H9 achieves a maximum torque of 2,700 N.m.

Five Heavy-duty Trucks to Get Launch in Second Half Year

5) JMC Heavy-duty Truck: new generation Weilong

In 2017, JMC officially rolled out its first heavy-duty truck---Weilong, which immediately aroused keen interest among the public. Recently, JMC’s new generation Weilong with a wider body structure went on a trial operation.

Compared with the first generation Weilong, the new generation has made a number of improvements in its interior, adding such amenities as multi-functional wheel, airbag seats, large-screen multimedia, automatic air-conditioning system. In addition, it is equipped with JMC Ford 13-liter engine, achieving a maximum power of 470 horsepower. It adopts FAST 12-speed manual transmission gearbox and a rear axle with a speed ratio of 3.7. The truck is expected to hit the market soon.

Five Heavy-duty Trucks to Get Launch in Second Half Year

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