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Shacman New M3000 Truck with Upgraded Power Hits Market

Date:2018-08-09 Source:www.chinatrucks.com

As the leading player in the coal transportation market, Shacman recently rolled out its new Delong M3000 with new chassis layout and upgraded power performances.

Shacman New M3000 Truck with Upgraded Power Hits Market

Equipped with WP10.5H engine, the new Delong M3000 truck has significantly increased its torque. Thanks to the engine, the truck has increased its average speed by 5-7 km/h. Statistics show that the truck can help its operator earn 18,700 RMB more each month.

With a light-weight chassis and only two steel plates at its front suspension, the truck weighs only 7.834 tons. Thus, the new Delong M3000 truck is an ideal choice for coal transportation.

Behind the driver’s cockpit, there is a more bunker measuring 840 mm in width. The four airbags help further reduce the vibration. (www.chinatrucks.com)

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