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Dongfeng Secured Another Order for 40 Dongfeng KX from Best Express

Date:2018-08-10 Source:www.chinatrucks.com

In 2017, Tmall double 11 total trading volume is 168.2 billion yuan and brings about the Shopping Festival logistics orders totaling over 700 million. In response to the great challenge posed by the coming 2018 double 11, logistics companies have began getting ready in advance. That’s why BEST Express placed another 40 Dongfeng KX recently.

BEST Express Placed Another Order for 40 Dongfeng KX Trucks

BEST Express has purchased a total volume of 700 units Dongfeng trucks. All of these trucks have proved to be good and reliable as time moves on, so BEST Express decide to place another order for 40 Dongfeng KX trucks.

During trial operation, they found Dongfeng KX 4X2 delivery truck can reach or close to the international advanced level in fuel consumption, power and comfort, and could fully meet BEST Express’s requirement. Going in to specific, it can be summarized as below.

Great Comfort: Dongfeng KX has a flat-floor four-point suspension cab with increased space, strong sense of technology and excellent appearance, which can actually be good for improving BEST’s corporate image.

High reliability: Wigh 50 years of experience in manufaturing vehicles, Dongfeng offers up to a 100,000 km driving milelage without overhaul, around 300,000 kilometers a year.

High Safety: Dongfeng offers a high level of standard safety equipment, with intelligent tenology such as vehicle collision wanring system, lane departure warning system and driver behavior detection system on almost all models.

High Economic: With 520/480 HP DCEC ISZ13L, Volvo based DT 14/ZF16 transmission and light-weight small ratio rear axlem, it provides the lowest fuel consumption without sacrificing the quality or timeliness of the service.

High Timeliness: Travelling at up to 90km/h, the vehicle could meet clents’ needs for timeliness in daily operation.

We believe that BEST Express will be able to respond calmly to the upcoming double 11 with the support of Dongfeng KX trucks. (www.chinatrucks.com)

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