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BYD T5A Electric Light Truck Passes High-temperature Tests

Date:2018-08-13 Source:www.chinatrucks.com

Recently, BYD T5A electric light truck arrived in Huoyan Mountain in Tulufan, Xinjiang, going through a number of high-temperature tests, including 10,000 kilometer high-temperature reliability test, alternate current/direct current recharging test, power performance test, fuel economy test, battery heat management test, and air-conditioning system test.

BYD T5A Electric Light Truck Passes High-temperature Tests

Known as the hottest place in China, Huoyan Mountain can reach 47.8 degree Celsius in summer and its highest surface temperature can go as high as 89 degree Celsius.

In the first phase of testing, BYD T5A electric light truck went through a reliability test, driving a total mileage of over 10,000 km.

In the second phase of testing, the vehicle well stood the high-temperatures in various working conditions. Its performances in braking, power performances, fuel economy, battery heat management, and recharging remained consistently satisfying.

In the third phase of testing, the vehicle, with optimized battery heat management, recharging, heat balance and air-conditioning system, delivered more satisfying performances.

Equipped with lithium iron phosphate batteries, a permanent magnetic electric motor with a maximum 100 kW power, BYD T5A electric light truck can be recharged with 84.4 kWh electricity and can drive over 200 km while being fully loaded.

Chiefly targeted at the urban distribution market, BYD T5A electric light truck has a much lighter body thanks to the use of aluminum alloy materials.

Apart from the high-temperature tests in Xinjiang, BYD T5A electric light truck has also gone through a number of stringent tests in various demanding working environments, fully demonstrating its high reliability. (www.chinatrucks.com)

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