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JAC Makes Entry into Argentina with SUVs, Pick-ups and Mini TrucKs

Date:2018-09-29 Source:www.chinatrucks.com

On Sep.26th, after the dedicated preparation of JAC and SOCMA Group who is the largest car importer in Argentina, JAC brand launch ceremony was held in Buenos Aires, the Argentina capital. Argentine politicians, celebrities, JAC Chairman Anjin, JAC Vice-general Manager She Cairong, SOCMA group CEO Leonardo Maffioli and automobile General Manager Serafín Alvarez all attended the ceremony. Argentina well-known TV show Auto Fans made the live stream around the ceremony and had an interview with the superiors of both companies. This high-end launch ceremony has highlighted the companies attached great importance to the project, and marked that a new emerging brand will blossom in the Argentina market.

JAC Officially Launched into Argentina Market

Argentina market is JAC important strategic market, after years of efforts, JAC has finally officially entered this market, which also means JAC has realized all-round sales in the whole American continent, and JAC International business has entered a new level. JAC entry of Argentina market will play an important role in China and Argentina economic and trade exchange development.

As the largest automobile market in South America, Argentina automobile market has extremely high entry barrier. Stringent policies and regulations, fast-changing economic situation, fierce competition among all the automobile brands, and high quality requirement of the consumers have raised great challenge for JAC brand. Meanwhile, Argentina is a market full of opportunities, and JAC has successfully entered this market with perseverance attitude, rich overseas market opportunities and high-quality products.JAC Officially Launched into Argentina Market

SOCMA group, the important representative of Argentina industry, has first-level marketing team, rich marketing experience and high-level service system. The cooperation between SOCMA and JAC aims to provide totally new trip solution for Argentina consumers, so as to create higher value and better experience for the customers.

JAC released products this time have included main SUV models, such as S2, S3 and S5, as well as T6 pick-ups and X200 mini trucks, realizing the simultaneous covering of both the commercial vehicles and passenger cars. In the future, JAC will bring S4、S7 and high-end light-duty trucks to enrich JAC products portfolio in Argentina market, later more high-end products will be brought to Argentina to fully meet the demands of Argentina customers. (www.chinatrucks.com)

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