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Refuse operator Says Allison Transmissions Are the Only Choice

Date:2018-10-26 Source:Allison

Suez operates many brands of refuse trucks, but all 1,300 in its Australian fleet are equipped with Allison fully automatic transmissions for dependability and ease of use in extreme duty cycles.

Refuse operator Says Allison Transmissions Are the Only Choice

For more than a decade the waste and recycling company has had a policy specifying Allison transmissions, which are the proven choice of sanitation departments around the world because they make fleets more productive. “The most important aspect is the dependability and reliability of Allison in what is one of the toughest and most difficult environments for truck operation,” said Ray Wilson, equipment manager for Suez in Sydney.

The Suez fleet includes trucks assigned to residential operations that are fitted with side bin lifters and compaction, and commercial and industrial trucks with front lifts for large industrial skip bins.

“We have been using some Fuso trucks equipped with Allison 4000 Series™ transmissions on commercial and industrial operations and have recently purchased Iveco Eurocargo and Isuzu trucks,” said Wilson. “In residential operations we mostly use Iveco Acco and Mercedes Benz Econic with a mix of Allison 3000 and 4000 Series™ transmissions.”

Wilson said the extreme duty cycles include constant hard acceleration and deceleration, tight maneuvering, constant PTO use and difficult terrains. No other vocation applies such pressure on trucks.

“Transmissions are expensive to repair if they fail, not just in terms of repair costs but in lost productivity,” said Wilson. “Despite operating in such a tough and volatile environment, the Allison automatics are incredibly dependable and we have had no problems over the many years we have used them. The Allison servicing costs are very reasonable, partly as a result of the long intervals and the fact that they never have any problems.”

Suez Sydney maintenance and repair workshop manager, Doug Wade, said Allison reliability has proved to be exceptional. “We have not had had to remove or change an Allison transmission in any of the trucks in the almost 15 years I have been with Suez. They are really bullet-proof and with normal regular maintenance they never give an ounce of trouble.”

In addition to being dependable and cost-effective to run, Allison-equipped trucks are also “operator proof,” said Wilson. “That means that the Allison transmission is easy to use and simple for operators to work with as well as being able to stand up to any mistreatment.”

Robert Cavagnino, Australian sales manager for Allison, said the company’s transmissions have built an unrivalled reputation in the nation’s waste management industry thanks to the dependability, durability and efficiency it delivers.

“Allison is the market leader in Australia for transmissions in refuse trucks and dominates the industry because of performance and reliability they deliver,” said Cavagnino. “Suez has demonstrated this with their commitment to Allison Automatics.” (www.chinatrucks.com)

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