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China’s First Methanol Reforming Hydrogen Fuel Cell Trucks Enters Operation

Date:2018-10-26 Source:www.chinatrucks.com

Dongfeng Special Vehicle Co., Ltd announced on October 25, 2018 that its world’s first fuel cell electric truck T7, jointly developed with Suzhou Qingjie Power Supply Technology Co., Ltd. has entered into commercial operation in Kunshan, China. T7 vehicle is meant for 7.5 tons of carrying capacity with a vehicle model and factory serial number of EQ5080XXYTFCEV2.

China’s First Methanol Reforming Hydrogen Fuel Cell Trucks Enters Operation

The cooperation between Dongfeng and Suzhou Qingjie Power Supply is based on a customer-provider relationship, and from which Dongfeng procure its Methanol Reforming Hydrogen Fuel Cell system. The Methanol Reforming Hydrogen Fuel Cell system has begin entering mass production since MIIT issued the 303th batch of automobile vehciles. The first batch of vehicles with it has been brought on display at recent Kunshan International Audo Show.

This type of fuel cell electric truck was developed under the circumstances in China that there are not enough hydrogen filling stations. It is simply the first time for the technology to use on light truck. However, the hydrogen is offered in a different way compared with the traditional hydrogen storage container. In a hydrogen cell system, the hydrogen is made out of the chemical reaction between water and methanol and then is used to drive the fuel cell battery pile that generates electricity. With the hydrogen providing in a produce-and-play way, it is able to achieve a greater efficiency and directly reducing costs.China’s First Methanol Reforming Hydrogen Fuel Cell Trucks Enters Operation

The characteristics of energy structure in China, especially the over-reliance on crude oil and natural gas in the transportation sector, made the use of methanol fuel cell system recognized worldwide as a“fuel cell solution with Chinese characteristics”.

With an additional methanol fuel cell system, the process of hydrogen generation, electricity generation and electircity rechaging can all be completed on a truck, helping to keep the battery in an optimum state and extend the service life. What most welcome by driver is that its operation cost per 100km is about 50% lower than that powered by diesel. (www.chinatrucks.com)

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