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Cargo Truck Runs 1.2 Million Kilometers on an Allison Automatic Transmission

Date:2018-11-01 Source:Allison

Allison Transmission recently held a customer event to provide a gift of appreciation to Yang Jeong-gwon, the owner of a cargo truck with an Allison 2000 Series™ fully automatic transmission that has run 1.2 million kilometers without breakdown for more than 15 years.

Cargo Truck Runs 1.2 Million Kilometers on an Allison Automatic Transmission

When Mr. Yang purchased his 4.5 ton Hyundai Mega Truck from Korea Express Co. in 2008 it had already accumulated 520,000 kilometers, making deliveries to every corner of the country. He then travelled about 700,000 kilometers over a decade, making deliveries primarily within the capital area and to Yangsan, a city near Busan.

“When I began doing cargo deliveries back in 2008, people recommended that I buy a truck with an Allison product, which I did,” said Yang. “They said a fully automatic transmission delivers the greatest convenience, safety, productivity and cost savings. Now that I’ve used it for more than a decade, I can see for myself that it’s superb in every way.”

Yang said driving is easier and far less exhausting with a fully automatic transmission than with a clutch. “Whether downtown or on the expressway, I can concentrate solely on driving, which means much lower risk of accidents than with a manual one,” said the veteran delivery driver.

“Manual and semi-automatic transmission vehicles require frequent replacement of clutches, brakes, and other parts. However, automatic transmissions seem to be economical since they require only periodic maintenance. This is a big thing for cargo truck drivers, who have to drive long distances.”

Allison fully automatic transmissions are unique because our patented torque converter experiences very little wear and our transmissions require only periodic fluid and filter changes to maintain peak performance. Once behind the wheel of an Allison-equipped vehicle, drivers are more alert and in tune with the vehicle, leading to increased driver retention and better safety records. Each Allison Automatic features Continuous Power Technology™, which provides more power to the wheels than other transmission technologies. Allison’s torque converter multiplies engine torque to significantly improve startability and launch.

“A fully automatic transmission truck optimally shifts gear by itself, depending on the weight of the cargo and the traffic conditions, which translates into faster travel, and therefore higher productivity,” said Yang.

During the ceremony that included Allison regional manager Lee Kyoungmee and fleet sales manager Kim Henry, Yang said he actively recommends Allison transmissions to his colleagues.

“The fact that a fully automatic transmission truck has run 1.2 million kilometers testifies to the extraordinary economic value, productivity, safety, and convenience of fully automatic transmissions,” said Lee. “Allison will continue to work hard to help our customers who operate commercial vehicles better understand the benefits of fully automatic transmissions and operate their vehicles in better conditions.” (www.chinatrucks.com)

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