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Weichai Group Tests Drive 90t BELAZ Mining Truck

Date:2018-12-14 Author:Trucksen Source:www.chinatrucks.com

A delegation of Weichai Group, lead by Chairman of the Board Tan Xuguang, paid a visit to BELAZ,a Belarus-based manufacturer of large mining trucks. During the visit, the two parties signed a "memorandum of strategic partnership and cooperation". Tan Xuguang did a test drive on a BELAZ 75589 mining dump truck, which has a payload capacity of 90t, equipped with AC electromechanical transmission and Weichai power.

Weichai Group Tests Drive on a 90t BELAZ Mining Truck

Right now, BELAZ have only one dump truck with such payload capacity. It is expecting another order for 12 units if the test drive results are positive and satisfied. Though there are much challenges lying ahead, BELAZ has strong confidence in it. Weichai said there is a ready supply of powerful engines to BELAZ, with a 45t, 90t, 130t and 240t capacity payload.

Weichai Group Tests Drive on a 90t BELAZ Mining Truck

The cooperation between Weichai and BELAZ will help boost BELAZ's presence and competitiveness in the Asian market.“Belarus is a country we have wanted to cooperate with for a long time…and now we have a great background for cooperation. We are very glad that we have such an opportunity to produce engines for OJSC BELAZ. This is definitely a new level. We’ve manufactured the engine for the 90 t dump truck that in addition to the basic functions saves fuel as well. We hope that there will appear even more possibilities for supplies of the Belarussian machinery to China,”said Yang Gensheng, a representative from Weichai Group.

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