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FAW Jiefang Sets Ambitious Target in 2019

Date:2018-12-19 Author:Daisy Source:www.chinatrucks.com

On December 17, FAW Jiefang held its 2019 Business Meeting in Zhuhai, Guangdong province. During the meeting, a total number of 54 units Jiefang vehicles, six engines, three transmission gearboxes, three axles were put on display. Its vehicles on display fall into six categories, namely tractors, cargo trucks, self-dumping trucks, special vehicles, light trucks and buses.

FAW Jiefang Sets Ambitious Target in 2019

It is worth noting that ten Jiefang vehicles with National VI Emission Standards were put on display, including new J6P 6×4 LNG tractor, new J6P 6×4 premium truck, JH6 tractor, J6L cargo truck, J6L 4×2 garbage compressing truck, J6F Dachai 4DD light truck, J6F highly efficient light truck, J6F Dachai 4DH light truck, J6F Weichai WP3N light truck, Hu VH Yunnei D30 light truck.

In July, 2019, J7, J6P, JH6 and J6L vehicles are all scheduled to hit the market.

With quality upgrading in 22 areas and technological innovations in 27 areas, Jiefang tractors boast impressive power performances, high reliability and more travel comforts. As the newcomer in the family of Jiefang intelligent heavy-duty truck, J7 and new J6P have both automatic and manual control available for customers. In addition, they both have introduced air suspension and hydraulic retarders. Similarly, JH6 has three different models available to suit customers’ special needs and requirements.

To meet the latest regulations for the cargo transportation market, Jiefang has rolled out J6L 4×2 cargo trucks with lower body weight, higher quality standards, and more travel comforts.

In the area of special vehicles, Jiefang’s new self-dumping trucks and trucks for transporting construction materials have gone through a number of innovations, enabling them achieve higher intelligence.

To strengthen its competitiveness in the light truck field, Jiefang has rolled out Lanpai 4×4 light truck and electric light truck, further diversifying its product line and fully meeting customers varied requirements.

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