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Foton Aumark Annual Sales Exceeds 40,000 Units in 2018

Date:2018-12-27 Author:Trucksen Source:www.chinatrucks.com

Statistics show that Foton sold over 40,000 units Aumark light trucks from January to November this year, realizing a two-digit annual growth rate and marking a new milestone for Aumark.

Foton Aumark Annual Sales Exceeds 40,000 Units in 2018

Targeted at the high-end light truck market, Aumark is equipped with Cummins engines and a number of state-of-art technologies. In 2012, its annual sales stood at 10,024 units. In 2013, the figure jumped to 14,000 units. In 2014, its sales grew to 19,000 units. In the next three years, its sales continued a fast growing momentum, reaching 24,000 units, 31,000 units and 37,000 units respectively.

Currently, Foton Aumark and Aulin light trucks are all manufactured in Foton’s light truck production base in Weifang, Shandong province.

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