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Yuchai YC4S160-50 Engine Goes on An Expedition in the Peru Plateau

Date:2018-12-28 Author:Sarah Source:www.chinatrucks.com

On November 23, the JAC box van truck HFC 5161 equipped with YC4S160-50 began testing in the La Oroya area of Peru. The La Oroya area is 4,000-5,000 meters above sea level. Starting from Lima, the capital of Peru, the truck traveled 150 kilometers straight from an altitude of 50 meters to an altitude of 5,000 meters. Along the way, there are high hills and steep slopes with thin air, which is the perfect natural test field to check the adaptability and power performance of vehicles and engines in the plateau. Since the Andes Mountains with the same altitude run through the entire Peruvian territory from north to south, every new car model introduced to this place must pass the plateau test to prepare for the subsequent sales across the country.

Supported by the products of YC4S Euro V, this is the first batch of JAC medium and heavy trucks to enter the Peruvian market since 2014, which is also the new model developed jointly by Yuchai and JAC to meet the needs of different customer groups and the market segment. The dealers and main engine plants attached great importance to this test. Therefore, the product managers and technical support directors of the dealers all went to the test site, and JAC Headquarters also sent special personnel to Peru to follow up the test. The Peru Office of Yuchai Machinery participated in this plateau test as well.

Judging from the test results, the power performance of the engine is extremely excellent. Under the condition of thin air in the plateau, the engine can maintain strong power and acceleration performance even after the power loss, meanwhile, in such a cold environment, the cold car can be started at one time. All aspects of the test meet perfectly the requirements of the dealers. The Peru Office of Yuchai Machinery has now made further communication with the dealers, and will jointly promote the model since its launch, so as to win more orders for Yuchai in the Peruvian market by seizing the advantages of product price and plateau performance.

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