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30 Units Dongfeng KL Natural Gas Powered Trucks Delivered to Ningxia

Date:2019-02-28 Author:Sarah Source:www.chinatrucks.com

On February 20, 30 units Dongfeng KL natural gas powered trucks were delivered to Ningxia Pingshun Logistic Co., Ltd. for operation.

30 Units Dongfeng Tianlong KL Natural Gas Powered Trucks Delivered to Ningxia

Having further lowered its wind drag to 0.527, the new truck has improved its fuel economy by 1.5%. Equipped with a 1,000-liter LNG tank, the truck is fully able to meet various transportation demands in the area.

With a brand new driver’s cockpit, lowered noise level, improved stability, the new truck also achieves higher safety standards and easier management. All these vehicles are expected to join the local area’s combat against air pollution.

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