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China Post and Deppon Express to Start Operating Autonomous Truck in April

Date:2019-03-08 Author:Daisy

Two of China’s leading delivery and logistics companies, China Post and Deppon Express recently announced that they will begin autonomous package delivery services in April this year. The delivery trucks will be equipped with level 4 autonomous driving technology developed by FABU,an artificial intelligence focused company.

China Post and Deppon Express to Start Operating Autonomous Truck in April

In level 4 autonomous driving, the trucks is capable of taking control the majority of the traffic situations although a human driver can intervine anytime when necessary.

During the testing period, self-driving trucks operating on FABU technology run a 40-miles daily round trip along three different routes, with one delivery route passing through 50 intersections, 26 of which were controlled by traffic lights. The test was also carried out both in daylight and at night in different weather conditions such as rainstorms, snow and fog. During China's peak shopping season including Singles' Day, Christmas and Chinese New Year, the autonomous truck operated by FABU technology travelled in total over 2,200 miles and delivered over 60,000 parcels.

Xiaofei He, founder and CEO of Fabu noted“We are very excited that Fabu technology is at the heart of the first autonomous delivery trucks in China, China Post and Deppon have also been very pleased with the performance of FABU self-driving technology in their trucks and plan on expanding their autonomous delivery services to 100 routes in the near future.”

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