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Hongyan GENTRUCK is Coming, Special for Port Transport

Date:2019-03-13 Author:Will Source:www.chinatrucks.com

Hongyan has released a GENTRUCK container truck into the market after Hongyan Genlyon and Hongyan New KINGKAN, mainly targeting at port transport. 

Hongyan GENTRUCKis Coming, Special for Port Transport

Hongyan GENTRUCK port container Truck features an all aluminum housing transmission and a light weighted design on the front and rear suspension. Thus the vehicle’s body weight has been reduced considerably while delivering the same comfort and carrying capacity. In addition, a single reduction drive axle with Fiat FPT technology are equipped to work together with CURSOR engine and FAST gearbox, resulting in a low noise, low emission level and high fuel efficiency.

CURSOR9 can be used at a wide range of rotation speed to help improve fuel efficiency by 9.4% as compared to other same kind of products. The warranty has been extended to 1,000,000 kilometers. 80% of the torque speed rotation are within the most efficient range at which the engine runs, which tends to achieve a greater cost-efficiency.

In terms of safety, Cursor engine relys on its exclusively IVECO EBS technology to ensure safety. The vehicles are designed and built with four-point suspension to make driving more comfortable. In the event of a collision, the cab will move backwards to preserve the safety of its occupants. The reliability has also been increased after a totalling test tour of 100,000 kilometers on various road conditions and 50,000 kilometers trial tests by users.

with a height of 1990mm, the cab is spacious enough for occupants to move freely and just serve as a “moving house” for travelling drivers.

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