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30 Units Dongfeng KL to Arrive in Ghana for Transporting Ores

Date:2019-03-14 Author:Will Source:www.chinatrucks.com

Recently, 30 units Dongfeng KL ore transportation trucks were shipped to Ghana for operation. They are scheduled to arrive in the country in May this year. This is also the first batch of Dongfeng vehicles to arrive in the country for commercial operation.

30 Units Dongfeng KL to Arrive in Ghana for for Transporting Ores

Located in west Africa, Ghana boasts rich mineral resources. After their arrival, Dongfeng KL trucks will be chiefly used for transporting mineral ores. “We are quite impressed by Dongfeng trucks’ performances and the company’s comprehensive after-sales service packages,” said He Shilong, General Manager of Ghana HAX Logistic Co., Ltd.

After carrying out thorough investigations of the local transportation markets and gaining a full knowledge about the local government’s laws and regulations, Dongfeng has rolled out customized transportation solutions for the local logistic service providers.

30 Units Dongfeng KL to Arrive in Ghana for Transporting Ores

To ensure a smooth delivery and all vehicles smooth operation, a batch of service engineers will soon be sent to Ghana to provide technical supports for the local customer.

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