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XCMG Committed to Developing Electricity Powered Trucks

Date:2019-03-19 Author:Will Source:www.chinatrucks.com

In June, 2017, XCMG was officially given the green light to manufacture new energy vehicles. In just a few months, it completed the research & development work for its 7.5-ton cargo truck, 50-ton electric engineering truck, 8*4 electric truck for transporting construction wastes, compression type garbage truck, 18-ton new energy sanitation truck, 6×4 electric truck, electric light truck, etc.

XCMG Committed to Developing Electricity Powered Trucks

In October, 2017, XCMG delivered its first order of 300 units LNG trucks to its customers. In May, 2018, 100 units XCMG new energy heavy-duty trucks were put on the road, joining the combat against the air pollution.

In March, 2018, it rolled out EDA111 electric vehicle at its production base in Xuzhou, further diversifying its product line. Currently, XCMG boasts a wide spectrum new energy vehicles, including logistic vehicles, sanitation trucks, engineering vehicles, and vehicles for special purposes.

By targeting the high-end market both at home and abroad and making several breakthroughs in such key areas as technological innovations and cost controls, XCMG has maintained a fast growing momentum.

In September 2018, XCMG set up Shenzhen XCMG New Energy Vehicle Co., Ltd., which is set to strengthen the presence of the company’s new energy vehicles in South China.

In November, 2018, XCMG E300 electric cargo truck won four major prizes at the third China New Energy Logistic Truck Competition. Achieving higher energy efficiency and more impressive performances, the truck can be fully recharged in two hours and is able to reach a maximum speed of 95 km/h and can drive 240 km continuously. Its cargo has a space of 25 cubic meters and is able to load 3.41 tons of goods.

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