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Dongfeng Furui largest county 4S shop opens in Hebei province

Date:2011-10-25 Author:Eric Source:www.chinatrucks.com

www.chinatrucks.com: Dongfeng Furui truck 4S shop opens in Dingzhou, Hebei province on October 18, 2011, and this is the largest 4S shop in a county.

The 4S shop is 16650 square meters, and the exhibition hall is 800 square meters, maintenance plant is 1,200 square meters. The annual sales of Furui trucks were from 200 units, 500 units to 800 units this year.

It is learned that Dongfeng Furui Truck allocates sales agencies in Southern Hebei province, and their 4S shops increased to five from original two earlier this year.

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