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Light Duty Heavy Truck to Catch the Focus

Date:2012-12-10 Source:www.chinatrucks.com

www.chinatrucks.com. With the increasingly strict rules on overload in 2011, the official implementation of Highway Safety Protection Regulations has further established the long-term mechanism from the legal system level. Meanwhile, soaring price in oil and sluggish freight have contributed the rocketing cost factors. Under the combined action of internal and external environment, the light duty products will become the growth point for end users and logistic companies. With the advantage in dead load, energy consumption, speed and reliability, light duty heavy truck has played the lead in the 2012 heavy truck market.

The recently released Shaanxi Auto D’long 3000 has offered the customers with new value effect based on innovative light duty design and value added services.

As the rising star in light duty heavy truck market, M3000 has fully demonstrated the advantage for Shaanxi Auto heavy truck in terms of design, energy efficiency and safety. Customers will find tractor, dumper, cargo truck, SPV in the M3000 series to meet various demands from the user end; meanwhile, the vehicle has helped Shaanxi Auto to improve its competitiveness and market coverage rate and sustainable development.


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