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MAN Makes its Mark at Bauma 2013 with Rugged and Economical Vehicles for Mining

Date:2013-02-21 Source:www.chinatrucks.com


www.chinatrucks.com: MAN is displaying a heavy-duty TGS dump truck for gross weights of 50 tonnes especially for the mining industry at Bauma 2013.



Mining produces huge amounts of overburden, waste rock and materials containing natural resources. These all have to be transported from where they were excavated to where they are further processed or to the spoil heap, often along steep, unpaved roads. Trucks are a more flexible option than mine railways or conveyorbelt systems and are considerably less expensive to acquire than articulated or heavy-duty dumpers. Dump trucks or rear tippers on three- or four-axle chassis are used for this purpose. The demands are big ones: hard, multiple-shift operation at the maximum daily delivery rate, the heaviest loads, off-road operation and extreme exposure to dust. That is why mining vehicles have to be very rugged with big payloads and powerful engines, while at the same time being economical to run. MAN offers various vehicle solutions from the CLA, TGM, TGS and TGS WW se-ries that meet the demands of mining companies.



MAN TGS Product

MAN TGS Product

Trucks have a wide variety of tasks to fulfil in the mining industry: minerals have to be moved between processing stations such as crusher, screener and mixer units as well as stockpiles and subsequently transported to railway stations or harbours for shipping. Reforestation of closed-down surface-mining areas and spoil heaps require huge amounts of earth to be moved. Depending on the weight and physical form of the cargo, the distance and the condition of the road, vehicles designed specifically for maximum transport load and speed are utilised. For these purposes, mining companies combine semitrailers and trailers to trains that can reach gross weights of well over 100 tonnes. In multiple-shift operation, these vehicles run almost round the clock. The companies depend on the ruggedness and reliability of their fleets. For many years now, vehicles from MAN have successfully proven themselves in the mining industry.


MAN TGM Product

MAN TGM Product

But the range of tasks for truck chassis in mining is much wider. For example, there are tank trucks that spray the haul roads to minimise the amount of dust swirled up and pump trucks for drilling sludge or for spray-seeding areas for recultivation. Heavy-duty platform trucks deal with the transport of machines and materials. Container vehicles are used as mobile workshops while tankers supply the mining machinery with fuel and personnel are taken to their workplaces on personnel transporters based on all-wheel-drive chassis. The climatic conditions make further demands on the vehicle configuration because strip mining is conducted from the Arctic to the tropics.

To cope with this diversity, MAN offers suitable chassis in its range of vehi-cles with the CLA, TGM, TGS and TGS WW series. The MAN CLA series, which is manufactured in India, comprises vehicles with gross weights from 15 to 31 tonnes equipped with engines delivering from 220 hp (162 kW) to 280 hp (206 kW), complying with the Euro II or Euro III exhaust standards. More powerful and offering more variants are those MAN series produced in Europe - the TGM, TGS and TGS WW: two to four axles, engines from 250 hp (184 kW) to 540 hp (397 kW), exhaust standards from Euro II up and gross weights from 12 to 50 tonnes characterise them.



In order to meet the stringent requirements of mining companies in terms of short downtimes, MAN offers service concepts based on local conditions, ranging to mobile workshop solutions for fleets of vehicles.

Tailored to the requirements of Chilean copper mining is MAN's exhibit at bauma 2013 - a TGS 50.440 8x4 BB. Chassis and body are matched to each other for this operation. In conjunction with a reinforced subframe, the four-axle rear tipper is designed for a permissible gross weight of 50 tonnes. The tipper trough has a capacity of 20 cubic metres. Floor plate and walls are made from highly wear-resistant steel.

MAN's engineers have configured the vehicle to carry out the tasks required in this sector: its powerful yet economical six-cylinder in-line engine is Euro-IV compliant and has an output of 440 hp (324 kW). The power generated by this engine is transmitted via an MAN TipMatic? automated transmission to the two driven rear axles with their 24-inch twin tyres.

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