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  • Renault Launched All-new EURO VI Trucks

    2013-06-14 16:11:46  Author:dennis  Source:www.chinatrucks.com    Letter Size:【Large】【Medium】【Small

    www.chinatrucks.com : On June 11th, Renault launched 4 series of EURP VI trucks, becoming the last among 7 major European truck makers to do so. The names of the new trucks adopt a new method. From now on, the romantic names like Magnum, Premium and Kerax will no longer appear on Renault trucks.

    The last time Renault launched new trucks were 7 years ago, and the company has since been focusing on developing these new products. Just as many netizens comment, the new trucks have very unique external appearance. And we’ll see how customers will take that.

    The replacement of Magnum and Premium is named T series, which is designed for long-distance transportation, and serves as the flagship truck for Renault. The truck is equipped with DTI engines, which is also adopted by Volvo.


    The engines boast output powers of 380 hp and 520 hp respectively for DTI11 and DTI13, the lowest among all EURO VI trucks.

    The D series is the replacement for Midlum and Premium Distribution. With two versions, the 10-18t one is named D-wide, and the lower version is named D-entry.

    Kerax was one of the best construction vehicles in Europe, but has kissed goodbye to the market. The replacement of it is the C series and K series. The former one is for average construction needs, while , the K series is for heavy duty construction needs.

    The new truck launching of Renault marks the end of major European truck upgrading. We will wait and see which trucks could perform good in the markets.

    The reason he proposed such a wedding is that he hopes the society could see the group more positively. Many truck drivers from around the country sent him congratulation letters, some of them actually came to the wedding.

    Management from DFAC commercial vehicle say there are about 26 million truck drivers in the country, and more attentions shall be paid towards them, ensuring they could live happily and healthily.


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