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SINOTRUK Enjoys Good Performance in Africa

Date:2013-07-02 Source:www.chinatrucks.com

www.chinatrucks.com : A world leader in heavy truck industry, the Ji’Nan based SINOTRUK has entered African market for sometime now. Last year alone, the company sold more than 1000 heavy trucks in French-speaking countries of the continent with Algeria being the biggest market.

The major markets for SINOTRUK in the region are Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia. Back in 2007, sole dealership was granted in Morocco, and the cooperation has been going on well since.

In recent year, Algerian authorities carried out a series of regulations to limit number of vehicles imported. SINOTRUK, working closely with local dealer, made timely changes to cope with the regulations, ensured truck sales number to be around 1000 every year. To better serve the market, SINOTRUK appointed business and maintenance staff to the country.

Morocco was filled with Europe-made vehicle, when SINOTRUK entered the market as the first heavy truck maker from China to do so. The vehicles are exported in SKD forms, which would be assembled together locally. So far, the sales number has been stabilized around 300 units a year.

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