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Dayun Sells 4,003 Heavy Trucks in Q1, up 30%

Date:2014-05-12 Source:www.chinatrucks.com

www.chinatrucks.com: Dayun Auto sold 4,003 heavy trucks in Q1, up 30% over last year, and their annual sales target are 200,000 units. China truck makers are competing for service, said Yuan Qinshan, president of Dayun Auto. Dayun Auto released life warranty for the vehicles in March this year, so that the parts can enjoy warranty according to the parts before the truck is scrapped. Dayun Trucks has established more then 600 special service stations, covering 80% above regional administrative area and the service radius is 50km.



The first Dayun heavy truck rolled off production line on Oct. 26, 2009 and they sold 6177 heavy trucks in 2010. And sales of heavy trucks were moderate in the following two years and Dayun Auto adjusts their strategy and improve competitiveness and their sales of heavy trucks increased by over 20% and they ranked the top ten and they are the only private enterprise ranking the top ten and they sold 13013 heavy trucks last year.

The fast development of Dayun Auto can attributed to their strict quality insurance and technology improvement. They have a set of strict quality control system, including every step from product design, techniques of optimizations, choice of part supply and raw materials check and each step is controlled by international standards. Dayun Auto cooperates closely with China and abroad colleges and universities as well as scientific research institution to build industry-university-research cooperation. They have 230
patents and now they have over 700 types of cargo vans, tractors, dumpers, special vehicles and trailer trucks for fuel trucks, natural gas trucks, electric vehicles, hybrid vehicles etc. They have spent nearly 100 million Yuan for advertisement on CCTV, and provincial TV stations, print media and network media.

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