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10th Anniversary of Scania Trucker Contest

Date:2014-06-11 Source:www.chinatrucks.com

www.chinatrucks.com: It’s been over ten years for Scania Trucker Contest till this year, and the contest has make rapid progress in terms of influences, contestants as well as the scales. Ten-year efforts made a world level truck driver contest and the contestants have been increased for many times and the players are from 39 countries and 9 areas.


10th Anniversary of Scania Trucker Contest

The ten-year development of Scania Trucker Contest let the world know that there are some people who are busying driving for the next destination and they have to be ready for many sudden accidents. Scania believe that truck drivers are rather important for the safety of highway, transport economy and sustainbility and that is the reason for the start of Scania truck driver contest.

For the past ten years, Scania should feel pround for the successful contest, for the truck drivers for they are the drive force and contribution for Scania Trucker Contest.

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