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China Heavy Trucks Get Bigger Power and Data

Date:2014-08-21 Source:www.chinatrucks.com

www.chinatrucks.com: Some experts predict that trucks' largest power will amount to 735kW and the total weight will reach 100 tons in 50 years. And the development trend of China truck makers and engine makers are proving such sayings in recent years, and release of trucks with large power are always welcome and heavy truck industry's telematics is also focused.

Some industry insiders point out that large horsepower and big data will drive China heavy truck industry in the long run and big data has become energy for China heavy truck industry. As one of the mature telematics, Tianxingjian system make use of big data on every aspect of logistics and they have made all dimensional logistics solutions, and the system relies on Zhiya edition BD terminal, managing website as well as the call center to provide intelligent solutions for the users. And it also integrates positioning, dispatching, monitoring and management to make logistics safer, higher efficient and fuel prudent. What's more, the system can improve vehicle running safer.

"No matter horsepower or data, requirement from the market and end users are rather clear and heavy truck makers have to make efforts on this, " said the industry insider at last.

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