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The Market Share of XCMG Tractor Grows in Feb. and The Sales Volume Ranks Top Ten Again

Date:2016-03-17 Source:www.chinatrucks.com

www.chinatrucks.com: The sales volume of XCMG heavy-duty truck was 321 in January, 2016, which grew by 23.46% compared with the same period of last year. The sales volume of XCMG tractor was 190 in February, which grew by 355.13% compared with the same period of last year, and ranked in the 9th place in the industry. The market share was 1.14% which exceeded 1% for the first time. It has a good start at the beginning of this year.

To reach the sales target of 10,000 sets, XCMG has been sticking to the new operation idea of “internationalization, optimization, making up for the disadvantages, sustainable”, comprehensively carry out the new operation model of “ platformization plus professionalization” with its promotion measures secured by resources and supported by the shared platform. It will comprehensively make good use of the advantage of professionalized operation platform, devotes itself to breaking through the market, innovating the sales experience. XCMG will make “Hanfeng” more popular by holding the regional exhibition, such as the “Ice Breaking Travel” in Lianyungang at the beginning of this year, and the 2016 commercial conference.

As for the research and development of products, XCMG build a professional development group which is matching with platformization operation. The group will involve in the researching, planning, defining and programming at the beginning of products, precisely grasp the market information, comprehensively meet the personal demand of the subdivided market, and reach accurate development of products. The 90-tone non-road wide-body dump truck was rolled off the production line. It strengthened the leading position of XCMG in the industry of non-road dump truck. The second batch of “Hanfeng” narrow-body was manufactured successfully. It supplied strong production support for the development of subdivided logistics market.

XCMG pays more attention to the quality of products and service at the same time of developing popular products. It will carry out the quality strategies of “Three lowering,three enhancing”, quality controlling of “Three moving forward”, new testing program, lower the loss caused by low quality, improve the operation efficiency of quality system, and comprehensively enhance the quality of products. Regarding the problems from both the inside and outside of the company, it will listen to the feedback of customers, quickly and effectively improve the quality of products and make customers more satisfied by cooperating with suppliers, technology department and manufacturing department and analyzing the problems from the system. XCMG will continuously hold a series of activities including free test of “Hanfeng” electrical equipment system and service month during the Spring Festival to provide considerate truck using experience for customers.

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