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SAIC-HONGYAN Won Big Orders on Beijing Auto Show

Date:2016-04-27 Source:www.chinatrucks.com

www.chinatrucks.com: On April 26, 2016, the second day of the Beijing auto show media day, SAIC-Hongyan held a Car Transporter signing ceremony. As the last activity of the Commercial Auto Zone on Beijing auto show media day, the activity component of SAIC-Hongyan was quite high.

Yang Hanlin, general manager of SAIC-Hongyan respectively signed strategic cooperation agreements with ANJI LOGISTICS COMPANY and MINSHENG LOGISTICS COMPANY, that is expected throughout the year to purchase Hongyan GENLYON car transport vehicles up to 1000 units, 2000 car carriers orders were taken successfully which opened a good start for SAIC-Hongyan annual car transport vehicle market.


SAIC-HONGYAN Won Big Orders on Beijing Auto Show

Anji logistics as the largest, the world's leading third party automobile logistics suppliers, has the vehicle logistics, spare parts logistics, port logistics, shipping and logistics, the international logistics and information technology. Transport vehicles are more than six million vehicles, and the market share rate reached 31.51%.


SAIC-HONGYAN Won Big Orders on Beijing Auto Show

The brand new intermediate axle car carrier the two companies purchased this time takes SAIC-HONGYAN European technology. The car carrier is developed by synchronizes IVECO technology platform, has the current domestic minimum vehicle height (the height of the vehicle is only 2670mm). The height that upper wing of the vehicle frame off the ground: the front suspension is 826mm and rear suspension is 906mm which fully meet the standards of GB1589 laws and regulations.

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