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SAIC-Hoyang Genlyon C500 New Product Debut in Chongqing

Date:2016-10-25 Source:www.chinatrucks.ocm

www.chinatrucks.com: On October 22, thousands of SAIC-Hongyan Genlyon C500 were ready to delivery in Chongqing. Leaders from SAIC-Hongyan, big customers, distributors and press all over the country witnessed this moment together.

Based on C100 and M100 product, Genlyon C500 is researched and developed by IVECO vehicle technology. Compared to 100 series, power, safety, comfort, service and value are all improved and promoted.


SAIC-Hoyang Genlyon C500 New Product Debut in Chongqing

Key Handover Ceremony

1. Power Chain Upgrading Comprehensively

Equipped with CURSOR and SAIC power, output is from 7L to 13L that can meet any construction requirements. Lightweight drive axle uses Italian FTP technology and  grinding technology with advantages of low voice, high loading and wide speed ratio. The operation efficiency is higher and the load capacity is stronger.

The classic 12 gear transmission can effectively meet the needs of various modification, less gear makes it easy to operate.


SAIC-Hongyan Genlyon C500 to be delivered

2. Safety Performance get Enhanced and Upgrading

The whole system of Genlyon C500 comes equipped with a standard ABS system, which can be extended WABCO world famous EBL, ESC and other security features to make the truck driving more stable and safe. Adopting the new generation air processing unit (APU) integrated air dryer, the four circuit protection valve and the pressure limiting valve alike. Unique switch time structure can achieve the regeneration function, and has a better filtering effect; the braking performance has been comprehensive upgraded.


SAIC-Hoyang Genlyon C500 New Product Debut in Chongqing

SAIC-Hongyan Genlyon C500

3. Comfort Promoted and Improved

500 series further widen the sleeper size, adjust the height and use the fabric interior that is durable and easy to clean. It make the occupants sit and sleep more comfortable and hence win the reputation of "Genlyon Hotel". Cab optimization of four suspension design, equipped with four airbags suspension and a new, lightweight balanced suspension system, that can effectively reduce road jolt, make driving and riding more comfortable and smooth.


SAIC-Hoyang Genlyon C500 New Product Debut in Chongqing

SAIC-Hongyan Genlyon C500

4.  Fast and Upgrading Service

SAIC-Hongyan SPM information management system issued officially. The system carried out a comprehensive upgrade revision based on the advantages of the original VEI system. Spare parts are supplied more timely, parts quality is more reliable. Intelligent aftermarket parts management system provides a strong guarantee for the parts of the 500 series of products.


SAIC-Hoyang Genlyon C500 New Product Debut in Chongqing

SAIC-Hongyan Genlyon C500

5. High Values after Upgrading

Gen-star system is a standard configuration of the 500 series products that can effectively meet the needs of users, providing transportation process analysis and facilitating users to set up their own fleet management platform to maximize the value of the vehicle.

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