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1180 Trucks! FAW Jiefang J6 on Hot Sale in Shangdong

Date:2016-10-31 Source:www.chinatrucks.com

www.chinatrucks.com: Recently, the product tasting of the FAW Jiefang J6 tractor & truck with the theme of "The FAW Jiefang J6 pilotage, efficient logistics for new standards" was held in Linyi grandly. The commercial office of FAW Jiefang J6, distributors, logistics companies and representatives of new and old customers gathered at the scene, which contributed to the 1180 units of the amazing volume!


1180 Trucks! FAW Jiefang J6 on Hot Sale in Shangdong

Faw Jiefang J6 trucks

Mr. Yu Guangjiang, manager of Shandong commercial office of FAW Jiefang Sales Co., Ltd, extended a warm welcome to all of guests and delivered a speech: “Jiefang J6 has achieved the six progressive criteria of “maintenance cycle, power, fuel efficiency, reliability, safety, comfort” mixed up to the excellent quality of Jiefang J6 which saves time and money of users, guarantees attendance and meets the requirements for high-speed logistics transport. Therefore, the FAW Jiefang J6 has already became a high-speed and efficient money-making machine for trunk logistics users. The product of Jiefang J6 means that the FAW Jiefang has once again made a major breakthrough in the field of high-end truck and redefined the logistics industry’s highest standard. The Jiefang J6 has been so acknowledged for the core superiorities of “Safe, Reliable and Fuel-efficient” by the customers that it has reelected for nine consecutive months’ as Sales Charts top of the heavy truck.


1180 Trucks! FAW Jiefang J6 on Hot Sale in Shangdong
Final delivery volume reaches 1180 units

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